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  • How to Convert Windows EXE to Android APK For FREE
  • How To Convert Exe To Apk – Windows to Android

    Follow the step by step guide mentioned below to get started with the trick. All Download links will be mentioned below itself. Without further ado, let’s see how can we use the Exe to Apk Converter software to convert Exe files to Apk files, so, we can install those files on our Android device. I will leave links to both Paid and Free software, one is from the official website and the other from Data hosting site.

    Step 1: Firstly, Download the EXE to APK Converter tool from the link below.

    EXE To APK Converter – Free

    EXE To APK Converter – Paid

    The file you download will be a .RAR file, so, in order to Extract it, you will need WinRAR, If you are not having WinRAR installed on your PC, then Download it from the Link Here: Download WinRAR.

    Step 2: Once, you download the file, Extract it with WinRAR.

    Now, you will see a Folder named “EXE to APK Converter Tool”

    Step 3: Open the “EXE to APK Converter Tool” Folder and Double click on “EXE to APK Converter.exe”

    Step 4: It will now launch the EXE to APK Converter Software. It is a portable software, so, you are not required to Install it.

    Step 5: After launching the Software, Click on “I have a Portable application”

    Step 6: Now, Browse and select the EXE file that you wanted to convert.

    (I tried to convert a few software and only software named GIMP worked for me, I don’t know whether it will be the case with you.)

    Step 7: Wait until it fetches the Software completely.

    Step 8: Hit that “Convert” button.

    Step 9: It will take some time for the whole conversion process. Actually, the time depending upon the size of the Application that you are trying to convert. Higher the size of Application, Higher the time takes.

    Step 10: Once the process is done, you will get a Screen like one in the screenshot below with a Success message.

    Step 11: Transfer the Converted file to your Android device.

    Step 12: Launch the APK Installer file of the converted application on your Android device.

    Step 13: Install it.

    Step 14: Open it up and you are all set to go.

    That’s it, guys. You have successfully Converted the EXE file to APK file with the EXE to APK Converter software.

    As there was one and only one software for converting APK to EXE, I could not try any other software. But, after some time I got to know that there are some online websites offering EXE to APK converting service. I am not sure if they are 100% genuine or not. Anyways, you can give it a shot and let me know if it is working for you guys. If it is working then I will update this article with the exe to apk converter online method. I am not including a website I tired, because, it didn’t work for me. If you find any one of those then let me know in the comment section below.

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