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  • Real Racing 3 APK MOD (Currency + Items)
  • Real Racing 3 is the racing game though was born from a long but successful Its still going on until now. First launched in 2013, more than 200 million downloads worldwide and other products of the same category. This game will recreate many real scenes so players can participate in a racing chapter where each car you use is 100% prototype designed — the racing game you have to join and try hard to overcome your opponent and win the target line.

    Thanks to this success, the EA game maker has been honored with numerous grand prizes in the following years, such as TabbyAwards 2014 – WINNER, Mobile Excellence Awards, Game Connect Asia Pacific, Meffy Awards. This is an honor for a game publisher. The game is pretty heavy when players have to empty the memory of their phone to 1.5 GB to enjoy the game. But that is perfectly worth it when the manufacturer introduces its line of real estate vehicles with a variety of vehicles, models, and functions.

    Actually, there are many high-quality racing games on the market today. The most famous is the Asphalt series, which is a regular annual update that is expected by many players. EA also has its own Need For Speed product of the same genre. Real Racing 3 is also a product that is rated as equivalent to the above products. Also if you search Real Racing on all means will quickly see a lot of imitation products under this name. Simplified enough to show the players the peace of mind of the hot Real Racing 3.


    Join the game you will be allowed to play a racer on the journey to conquer the world of yourself. If you notice, these cars will be designed specifically to get the rights to real-world tournaments. Real Racing 3 is developed by the designer with a lot of money and the capacity to make more than 43 standard models. In addition to the custom Lamborghini, you will get 115 types in about 200 we are enjoying. The track is taken directly from 18 famous sites around the world, Silverstone, Hockenheimring, Le Mans, Dubai Autodrome and many more. What are you waiting for? Immediately join the game get your character.

    The car’s control is quite light, but you’ll be allowed to hold your phone in your hand and tilt it to both sides to control the steering wheel. The player’s view will be placed in the first view. Players will look directly at the steering wheel, see the two hands are driving the car and through the glass of the car to see the whole race.

    Super cars

    First, we have to mention the media container updated to this new version. It will add to the world’s top value car brands such as Porsche, BMW, and Mercedes. There will also be special offers for BMWs, so you will be able to enjoy three types: the 1980 BMW M1, the 2017 BMW M4 Driving Experience, and the 2018 BMW M8 GTE and a special version of the 2016 Mercedes AMG. C63 Touring Car. Besides, players can participate in the race car dedicated to it anymore. EA created a Porsche 70th Anniversary event by driving the Porsche 909 Bergspyder in 1968. Generally, the manufacturer invested heavily in making the player’s experience more diverse and exciting.


    In the track, there will be many different vehicles, each will have different colors or designs such as blue, red, purple or many colors. The attraction of cars like real life will make you feel starving to own right now. The scenery takes place in one of the world’s most famous racetracks with surrounding objects such as trees, tables, banners for the game hanging along the track. The paint and materials of the vehicle are simulated precisely like the real thing. Not only that, the car is sticking more car numbers to indicate the position of the starting line and add the flag colors to know which country the car does. Location, number of laps, speed and total length, will be divided into two sides behind the tail. Both sides of the track will also have a roof for the audience to watch cheering. You will have to show your talent over the real racers to win the top 1.

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